Transforming Lives through God's Grace

Transforming lives

A Ministry for the community

The staff

We reward our most valuable employees

VBS helps impart Godly values to the youth for positive influence

Transformative and innovative education

Our aim is to provide affordable education to the less fortunate inorder to realize optimum potentials

About Us

  • Mission

    To reach out to communities in poor circumstances;provide,spiritual, educational and physical support to the associated children so as to help them become responsible and empowered adults for the glory of God.


    Our Vision is to have a responsible community empowered for the Glory of God. We believe that through the robust programs and proper mentorship undertaken,this can be achieved.

  • Capacity Building

    We train parents in tailoring and dress-making aand offer vocational training for youth

  • Sponsorship Programme

    Several chidren are sponsored in public secondary schools and primary schools.

  • Feeding Programme

    Children are fed on a balanced diet of two meals each day.This is to eliviate malnutrition.

  • Children Centre

    The children are rehabilitated from the traumatised life into family life of the home


  • MCO has established three primary schools and one secondary school. Two of the primary schools are located in Mathare while the third school is located in Kariobangi. The school in Mathare 4B was established in 1994 and currently has...

Feeding Program

  • MCO provides support to orphans and vulnerable children through child sponsorship, feeding program, and children's home located in Kariobangi in Nairobi. It also provides support to children in secondary schools, and some who are pursuing tertiary education....