MCO has been touting on several angles on the best way to sustain its program in the event that her current partners pull out or reduce their support. It again call for strengthening its internally generated income to support its various program activities. The introduction of key sustainable activities will all the organization break even to support its program

Hire our bus Out!

The organization acquired a 51 seater bus for hire purposes. We Hire the bus to institutions/Individuals who would like to travel to various places at a fee

Key areas needing support include;

  • Sponsorship program for the students both in primary and secondary school
  • Scholarship program for students to pursue different professional careers

  • Support to personnel (Salaries & wages) in particular teachers and administration staff.
  • Support for care and protection of children in the orphanage
  • Support for the discipleship program
  • Upgrade of the school and office structures.